PD Workshop: Contemporary Adaptation – Othello (WED 31st AUG, 4:30pm-6:30pm)

Othello, William Shakespeare’s classic tale of jealousy, betrayal and revenge is thrillingly re-imagined by Jimi Bani and Jason Klarwein.


DATE & TIME: Wed, 31st August, 4:30pm-6:30pm

VENUE: Queensland Theatre, Rehearsal Room 1 (Othello rehearsal room).

FACILITATOR: Jason Klarwein

TICKETS: $100 – Workshop and playtext


$130 – Workshop, playtext and show ticket (performance: Saturday 10 September, 7:30pm)


In partnership with Queensland Theatre, Playlab Theatre presents the Contemporary Adaptations workshop. Focusing on Shakespeare’s Othello, adapted by Jimi Bani and Jason Klarwein,  the workshop explores the connection to Unit 4: Contemporary Adaptation (Transform). Jason Klarwein, playwright, actor and Artistic Director of Grin & Tonic Theatre Troupe, will present the workshop and explore the inherited theatrical traditions of Shakespeare and the current dramatic practices used to transform Othello.

Set between Cairns and the Torres Strait, this tri-lingual (Kala Lagaw Ya, Yumpla Tok and English) adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello, illuminates the vital role of the Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion during World War II. More than 800 Torres Strait Islanders signed up to protect the northern tip of Australia, including Jimi Bani’s grandfather and great grandfather.

Infusing the narrative of Othello with the historical setting of the battalion brings together two powerful artistic cultures — Shakespeare and Wagadagam — creating an utterly distinctive and electrifying theatre experience.


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