Script Assessments are an invaluable tool to gain insight and perspective on your developing work. There are three assessments, each offering increasing depth in their feedback. To enquire about a script assessment, email with a full copy of your script and we will guide you from there. 

  • Snapshot Assessment
    Snapshot Assessment $125

    A short form of written assessment designed to be a quick, but thorough response to your work. We recommend undertaking a Snapshot in the early draft stage of a work to gain some objectivity. A dramaturg will articulate questions you will need to address in coming drafts. Assessments are usually two to three pages long. Estimated turn around: 1 week

  • Full assessment
    Full assessment $250

    A Full Assessment is an in-depth dramaturgical response, providing you with either a detailed written assessment or an over-the-phone conversation. While we recommend undertaking a Snapshot prior to this, it is not a prerequisite. However, you may request a Full Assessment if you are interested in fast tracking the development of your work. Written responses will be three to five pages long or a one-hour phone discussion (time can be extended but additional costs will be incurred). Estimated turn around: 1 – 2 weeks

  • Process Assessment
    Process Assessment request quote

    If you have a workshop, development, or reading of your work scheduled, an initial assessment and ongoing dramaturgical guidance will help you make the most of your investment. The structure of this service is flexible and responsive to the needs of your project, the type of development you’re undertaking, and the style and form you are working in. Get in touch early so we are able to recommend a course of action to support your project.