2022 Participants

Amy Chien-Yu Wang

Nice Asian Guys

A story about what it means to be a nice Asian guy through three high school mates who reconnect via Zoom.

Nice Asian Guy is a story about three old friends, all from migrant backgrounds, who used to play basketball together in Sunshine high. Peter Pan (Malaysian) is a 40-year-old single virgin who works as a sales representative at a furniture shop. He is a typical mummy’s boy who still lives at home with his parents and finds it hard to attract modern girls who cannot relate to his backward, conservative, masculine ideals. Nice Asian Guys navigates what it means to be raised as a “nice guy” who meet all the expectations of others except their own.

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Amy Wang is a playwright, theatre-maker and director. Formerly a multimedia journalist with SBS and the 2018 winner of the Queensland Multicultural Awards, Amy has interviewed thousands of people of multicultural backgrounds over many years.

A Taiwan-born, Aotearoa-raised 1.5 generation migrant, Amy sees her mission as telling powerful stories of under-represented migrant communities. She is particularly interested in exploring mental health, intergenerational and interracial issues based on her own experience of growing up and living as a migrant in Aotearoa and Australia.

Her first mini play, AI May, was shortlisted in the US-based Wheaton 10-Minute Play Festival. In order to produce an online entry for the festival, Amy cast, produced, directed, crowd-funded the short film version of AI May within a month followed by two live showcases a month after.

Amy is excited to join the 2022 Playlab Theatre Incubator Program to jumpstart her career in theatre-making. Her goal is to create culturally-sensitive work that inform, inspire, educate and entertain the wider public.

Anna Jacobson

Sparrow Girl Sin

Sin must open the burning door, or risk losing those she loves.

Sparrow Girl Sin follows the journey of 34-year-old Sin, as she struggles to break away from her amnesia filled past. Rumoured by locals that she was raised by sparrows in a bowling alley, Sin wants to live her life in the present and try being in a relationship. But triggers break through her world after Sin meets the light-filled Ailia at a plant shop. Sin has trouble with trust and doubts herself but decides to give her first relationship a chance.

Sin talks to a series of unlikely candidates throughout the play: a museum exhibit and the museum speaker system at her workplace, and the train station sparrows and intercom. Later, Sin finds out that her parents were killed in a train accident, which explains her compulsion to find answers from the sparrows there.

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Anna Jacobson is a writer and artist from Brisbane. Amnesia Findings (UQP, 2019) is her first full-length poetry collection, which won the 2018 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize. In 2020 Anna won the Nillumbik Prize for Contemporary Writing (Open Creative Nonfiction), was awarded a Queensland Writers Fellowship, and was shortlisted in the Spark Prize. In 2018 she won the Queensland Premier’s Young Publishers and Writers Award. Her writing has been published in literary journals and anthologies including Chicago Quarterly Review, Griffith Review, Australian Poetry Journal, CorditeMeanjin, Rabbit: a journal for nonfiction poetry, and more.

Anna’s poetry chapbook The Last Postman (Vagabond Press, 2018) is part of the deciBels 3 series. She is a PhD candidate at QUT specialising in memoir. She holds a Master of Philosophy in poetry (QUT 2018), a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies (UQ 2019), a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Creative and Professional Writing) (QUT 2015), and a Bachelor of Photography with Honours (Griffith University 2009). She was a finalist in the 65th Blake Art Prize, 2019 Marie Ellis Prize for Drawing and 2009 Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture. She won the 2009 Queensland Poetry Festival Filmmakers Challenge. Her website is www.annajacobson.com.au

Felicity Morton

Sex & Slumberlands 

Alex is in a comfortable heterosexual relationship and has a stable job, but when she gets a little too cosy with her co-workers’ sister, she risks losing all this and more.

Sex & Slumberlands investigates how the fetishisation of lesbian relationships affects a young woman’s psyche that already suffers from internalised bi/homophobia. Intertwined in this is a discussion about the morality of sexuality; at its core, sexuality is wildly irrational, but our sexuality is seldom explored in isolation. For young people whose moral compass is very much in development, the route to understanding their sexuality can be fraught, especially if it lies outside of the traditional heterosexual experience.

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Fliss Morton is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based playwright, director, and producer. She is the co-founder of T!TS AKIMBO; a new theatre collective for badly behaved creatives to tell female centric stories. She is also a soon to be graduate from QUT’s BFA Drama.

She wrote and directed her first play Growing Pains in 2020, which was performed at BackDock Arts. Her next writer/ director project was the following year when her play The Only Kind of Soulmate was performed at Vacant Assembly. In 2022, Fliss is co-writing, co-producing and co-directing T!TS AKIMBO’s debut work The Politics of Vodka Lime Soda.

These projects, plus the co-creation of T!TS AKIMBO, have helped Fliss find her voice as a feminist storyteller whose work subverts the norm and normalises the subverted.

Kurt Duval

Horizons Renewed

Set in a future world, a quantum programmer desperate to maintain a normal relationship is driven to have his memories of past trauma deleted with devastating consequences.

Set in the mid twenty-first century, Shane an undergrad who has specialist skills in quantum programming for AI supported scientific equipment attempts to get an internship with Professor Natalia, a Quantum Biologist who’s neural science work on infomorph technology was sold by the university to World Core. The Grand Chancellor of the university approved the internship against Natalia’s wishes, and threatens to, not only cut all funding for her work, but to terminate employment for both of them if results aren’t achieved.

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Kurt Duval graduated from Q.U.T. (B.A.Drama) 1998, specializing in Physical Theatre. His stage debut was in 1989 with Lyric Opera Queensland, Production of Carmen.

His achievements include being: a member of the elite Cirque Du Soleil performer bank, a recipient of Arts Queensland funding to study at the School of Physical Theatre in London, and was a founder and president of the Vena Cava Theatre Company.

Kurt has trained and performed with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre Company, Rock’N’Roll Circus, Circa, Trix Circus and with members of Circus Oz and Legs on the wall.

His film credits include Scooby Doo, and The Magician for Village Roadshow Pictures, The Condemned for Lionsgate and WWE Films, Step Sister from Planet Weird for Disney Films, Akoni for One Love Films, Bondi and many other Australian short films.

Michael Sams


Minnie, a psychology student with a new job as a Child Support Safety Officer, wants to help all children in Queensland’s foster care system, but at every turn she finds the system is broken.

Fractured is a one-woman monologue where the performer adopts a total of ten characters to tell the story of Minnie, an enthusiastic young woman who just wants to help children in need.

It is a memory play, with multiple timescales and a disrupted chronology.

The through-line of the piece is Minnie, at the age of 25, talking, in the ‘now’ of the story, about the recent events in her life to her mother. As she relays these events, she embodies the characters she references. There’s her sexually confident flatmate Beck. There’s Robert, her toilet-humour line manager at the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women, and the Regional Manager, number-crunching Malcolm. Then there’s Simon, a scared ten-year old orphaned boy she helps connect with new foster carers Eliza and Paul Souch.

But the recent events of Minnie’s life intermittently trigger memories of her childhood, around the ages of seven and eight. In this timeline we meet a younger version of Minnie’s wine-loving, schizophrenic mother (Leah), her beer-swilling, bus-driving, fun-loving Uncle Joe, and Minnie’s next-door neighbour friend Emma. Emma shares a story that starts darkly as a tale of domestic violence which then turns into a tale of sexual assault of a minor.

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Michael Sams is an award-winning playwright, actor and director originally from Brisbane but currently residing in Townsville. His short plays have been performed around Australia and overseas. He is a published playwright (Together – via Australian Plays Transform) and short story writer. Michael has also performed with several notable companies in Brisbane (QT, Matrix/QPAT, 4MBS) and Townsville (TheatreiNQ, Grey Rose). In 2019, Michael performed his one-man comedy show The Specialists at the inaugural North Australian Festival of Arts. Michael has worked with several dramaturgs to develop his full-length plays, notably including Michael and Margery Forde. He studied drama at QUT and is currently completing a Masters of Creative Writing at Macquarie University. Michael is a script assessor and Regional Literary Manager (Queensland + New Zealand) for the international Short + Sweet Festival. He is a previous committee member of the Townsville City Council’s Regional Arts Development Fund and currently a TheatreiNQ acting ensemble member.

Tammy Weller

I Will Find You

When fiercely-independent, 80-year-old Martha trips over her rabbit and finds herself trapped on the kitchen floor, the shadows of her past come to visit and force her to reckon with her understanding of love.

Martha is an independent 80-year-old woman . She goes about her well-worn morning routine. Martha, and her rabbit Percy, are startled by the sound of her microwave, causing Martha to trip and fall. She injures herself severely and is now trapped on the kitchen floor.

Martha desperately struggles on the floor. After she is exhausted, her mind begins to wander. Martha remembers the three loves of her life; her ex-lover, Leigh, her ex-husband, Peter, and her daughter, Lana. Of Lana, Martha recalls when she found out she was having her, when Lana and the grandchildren gifted her Percy, and when Lana asked if she wanted a smartwatch in case she fell. Martha recalls meeting and falling in love with Leigh and she recalls, falling in love with Peter and his proposal. Between breaks in memories she continues to call for help. Martha remembers the moment in which Leigh, Peter and Lana all left her in some way. The phone rings as Martha desperately tries to answer it.

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In 2010, Tammy wrote, produced, and performed Single Admissions at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and a sell-out season at Metro Arts, Brisbane. Single Admissions was nominated for six Matilda Awards including Best Independent Production and Best New Australian Work. In 2014, Single Admissions was published by Playlab. In 2019, she co-produced, co-created and operated IM.mortal for Melbourne Comedy Festival; a one-woman show starring Alex Hines. Her latest play, Pocketful of Pebbles, was in collaboration with Lisa Smith and Victoria Carless and performed at the Gold Coast Arts Centre. She was the Associate Festival Producer of the Wynnum Fringe Festival in 2021.