Publication of new Australian Plays is an important part of Playlab Theatre’s commitment to challenge perspectives of Australian society through Australian theatre. Publication serves to empower the careers of Australian playwrights and broadens the access to contemporary Australian theatre for new audiences. 

Playlab Theatre selects publications based on the following criteria:

Has the work been produced in a professional context? On occasion a title will be published to coincide with a debut season. Independently produced productions will also be considered when selecting work to publish as part of Playlab Indie.

Does the work demonstrate artistic quality and positive critical responses via published reviews and/or peer recommendation? A writer’s body of work and any awards received are also considered.

Does the work possess market potential in at least one of Playlab’s key audiences and/or ability to open Playlab to new markets?

Does the work have cultural and/or historical value and/or represent demographics that have been historically absent from our national discussion?