Frequently Asked Questions – Sparks

Q. Can I apply if I am not Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? 

A. No. This program is specifically for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community members. Other Playlab Theatre programs include Transmission for emerging regional playwrights, and Incubator for those in South East Queensland.


Q. What if I haven’t done any theatre before? Can I still apply? 

A. Absolutely! As long as you are keen to write and have a story to tell then feel free to apply!


Q. How developed does my play concept need to be?

A. If you only have a starting concept, it is okay to apply. But you only have 100 words so please provide us with a tight synopsis.


Q. Will there be cultural support in the program?

A. The program is supported by QPAC First Nations Team, and QPAC’s Elder in Residence.


Q. How old do I need to be to apply? 

A. Sparks is an adult program. The workload is suited to applicants 18 years old and over.


Q. What are the outcomes of the program?

A. Across the course of the program you progress through the stages of writing a new work, from conception to a scaffold of the play, writing intensives and finally to drafting, responding, and reading of your script. The program culminates in a public reading of ten pages of your script.


Q. What are the time commitments for the program?

A. To participate in the program you will need to be available across all the dates, and also have some time set aside to develop your script. Please check the downloadable schedule (though these are subject to change based on the Playlab Theatre, QPAC and the facilitator schedule).


Q. Will I be remunerated for my time?

A. Yes! This development program is funded by Playlab Theatre and QPAC, and you will receive a stipend to participate in the program. However, if you are unable to complete the program or cannot attend all of the program events, the payments may be reduced or cancelled.


Q. What if I have special circumstances or accessibility requirements?

A. Please reach out to us at before applying if you would like to chat about the ways we can best support you in this program.


Q. Where is this program held?

A. Sparks is delivered across three phases. The first phase across April and May includes a full day workshop in Townsville and four online workshops on Thursday evenings from 5:45pm – 7:30pm. The second phase in July is a three-day writing intensive in Townsville and the final phase in August includes online dramaturgical sessions and rehearsals and a reading in Townsville. For further information, please check the downloadable schedule (though these are subject to change based on the Playlab Theatre, QPAC and the facilitator schedule).


Q. Can I apply if I am not from Townsville?

A. This development program is specifically for Townsville residents. If you are interested in a program like Sparks but cannot attend physically in Townsville, please reach out to us at to discuss.