In 2022 we will be celebrating Playlab Theatre’s 50th year Anniversary.

That’s fifty years of developing, promoting, publishing, and more recently, producing all in the name of championing and celebrating Australian culture through new Australian Playwriting.

A lot has changed since the organisation began. Playlab Theatre continues to evolve to meet the needs of the community and our progress and growth results in better quality and quantity of new stories being told on our stages and pushes the industry into a space where playwright’s work and careers are more prosperous and viable.

2022 is already shaping up to be the biggest year in our history yet, marking another major step in our continued evolution into Queensland’s premiere new writing theatre. 2022 will see more plays developed, more local artists employed and more stories that speak to Australia’s contemporary identity, politics, and social and cultural landscapes than ever before.

Join us on the journey towards creating more opportunities for Queensland artists. Join us on the journey towards celebrating Australian culture through new Australian Theatre. Join us on the journey to change the way theatre is made in Queensland.

Your donations will go to local artists in the form of new work development.

All donations above $2.00 are tax deductible.


Discuss your donation by phoning our Program and Engagement Manager, Danielle Carter on (07) 3220 2763 or by email at

Playlab Partners

Playlab would like to thank our growing list of partners for their support, advocacy and belief in our vision…

Playlab is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland

If you would like to explore opportunities to partner with Playlab, tailoring a unique arrangement that benefits your organisation, please contact our Program and Engagement Manager – Danielle Carter on (07) 3220 2763 or by email at

Brutal Utopias by Stephen Carleton premieres at the New Benner Theatre from 18 - 28 May!