In 2022, Playlab Theatre celebrates 50 years of supporting new playwriting. To mark this significant milestone we have been privileged to be in a position to assemble our most ambitious production season ever. Filled with diverse stories about us, they offer a range of perspectives on our history and society, while simultaneously being dynamic, entertaining and most importantly, moving.

Bringing this season to life is the largest and broadest range of artists we have employed to date. With a combination of experience and youth, both the season’s creatives and actors are primed to offer bold and refined artistic expression in realising these four amazing stories. 

To be back in the theatre consistently after a very difficult and isolating time, Playlab Theatre’s 2022 season will connect you to intimate and profound human stories of resilience, commitment and triumph. Tickets to our season are now available and we would love for you to join us for this transformative year.

Ian Lawson – Artistic Director/CEO

‘I saw my insides today. I found Tom, my first love, in my bones.

Wed 2 Feb – Sat 12 Feb

New Benner Theatre, Metro Arts

‘Are you seriously going to sass me in my own apartment?

Wed 16 Mar – Sat 26 Mar

New Benner Theatre, Metro Arts

‘I’m not abandoning my principles; I’m coming here to apply them.

Wed 18 May – Sat 28 May

New Benner Theatre, Metro Arts

Brotherhood is easy when things run smoothly. But when someone causes hurt, this is where it’s tested.’

Fri 2 Sep – Sat 11 Sep