Alexander Lee-Rekers

Alexander Lee-Rekers

Alexander Lee-Rekers is a Sydney-based writer, director and composer. Born into an acting family and encouraged to explore artistic pursuits, he began playing the violin at the age of four. He attended the Conservatorium High School, where he fell in (and out of) love with playing in an orchestra.

He pursued an interest in writing and film-making at AFTRS, undertaking their inaugural Foundation Diploma in 2009, and later at the University of Sydney where he first began working on stage productions for the Arts Revue Society. After some years of freelance film work, he decided to continue his studies at NIDA as part of the 2016 MFA intake in Writing For Performance.

Since graduating, Alexander’s theatre credits include The Van De Maar Papers (presented first at Sydney Fringe in 2017 and again in 2019 at the Old 505), There Will Be A Climax (Red Line), Norm’s (KXTeethcutting) and “The Witch In The Window” from ATYP’s Intersection: Chrysalis at Griffin. He was also the writer of the children’s television program Hanging With for Disney Channel until the series ended in 2019.

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Alexander is also a keen teacher in the fields of theatre, writing and cinema. He has taught young people of all ages at ATYP, as well as undergraduates at NIDA and the University of Wollongong.  He heads up his old MFA’s film history course, and also acts as an academic supervisor for postgraduate research projects. In 2020, he became co-director of Eastern Suburbs-based drama school Bondi Kids Drama alongside actor Olivia Pigeot.

Armed with the knowledge that violin fits in with almost any genre, Alexander still pays tribute to his musical roots at any venue or studio that will have him. His latest play, The Linden Solution, will premiere in June 2021 at KXT.