Norman Price

Norman Price

Norman Price, (playwright/director/actor/theatre scholar), graduated from NIDA (Acting) in 1961.

Norman has worked for over 30 years in the theatre industry both in Australia and overseas. He lectured in Theatre Studies at the University of Melbourne as well as the Universities of Paris 8, Frankfurt, Giessen, Bari, and the City University (New York). Norman engaged in research and workshops with Patrice Pavis; Pina Bausch; Grotowski; Arianne Mnouchkine; Tadashi Suzuki; Ushio Amagatsu – Sankai Juku and Byakko Sha. Commissioned performance texts include; The Other Mother (presented in Italy, France, and Germany); Hand Luggage; A Sweet Life; Looking Through Glass (Screen Play); Life With Catherine (La Boite) and The Pineapple Queen (La Boite). Published texts include; Barking Dogs (Metro Arts, Paris); Urban Dingoes (La Boite) and Kitchen Diva (La Boite).

Other performance texts include; Blow Out; Swamp Witch and Marianne W.

He is currently working on new performance texts Flat Out Like a Lizard and Love Propaganda. Together with his work in the theatre industry Norman continues to teach in Performance Studies at Southbank Institute of Technology.

Brutal Utopias by Stephen Carleton premieres at the New Benner Theatre from 18 - 28 May!