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Bustown by Lachlan Philpott



THEMES: Consumerism, Contemporary Society, Exclusion
LENGTH: 90 Minutes
CAST SIZE: Large cast without doubling
SUITABLE FOR: Middle Years

Breathe in deep, can ya smell it? Smell of bus seats.


A vibrant exploration of small town life, Bustown by Lachlan Philpott questions the desperate move young people make to the city and the impact it has on the people and places they leave behind.


Breathe in deep, can ya smell it? Smell of bus seats. Vinyl and sweat. Nothing nowhere beats that. See the yellow bus? That’s where we was born. Bustown. A junked paradise of worn tyres and scrap metal, far away from the land of Otherness. Enjoying the safety of their junkyard town, the people of Bustown happily wait for The Driver to return. But Axel and Cressida can’t stop thinking about Otherness. With a chain of keys in close reach, how long will they continue to wait?


Bustown was first performed in full by the Australian Theatre for Young People, in 2009.

ISBN: 978-1-76161-014-1

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"Bustown is a uniquely Australian theatre experience…. Philpott’s approach to a post-apocalyptic wasteland is thought provoking while remaining optimistic."


"Brave and sad, sad but true, Lachlan Philpott’s Bustown … honors the fact that living everyday means, everyday discovering that there’s more behind you than ahead of you."

Will Eno

"...Uplifting and funny."

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