Not Like Beckett

by Michael Watts

Meet Walter Walloon Beckett! An all-singing, all-dancing, comedian extraordinaire.




Michael Watt’s unique play is a raw and dangerously funny reflection on the colonization of Australia.


Meet Walter Walloon Beckett! An all-singing, all-dancing, comedian extraordinaire. The last of the famous Beckett clan. And he’s a rabbit…! With his lucky rabbit foot stuck in a trap on top of a hilltop in outback Australia, Walter has plenty of time to reflect on his less than exemplary life, and his unrequited love for a bilby named Boo Boo.

Playful and razor sharp in turns, Not Like Beckett explores what it is to love and be human, albeit in a ‘bunny’ sort of way.


Not Like Beckett is one of the most produced new Australian works of recent years, with productions at Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne (2006), Deckchair Theatre in Freemantle (2007), Red Dust Theatre in Alice Springs (2007), Northern Rivers Performing Arts (NORPA) in Lismore (2007) and the Darwin Theatre Company (2007).

ISBN: 978 1921390 00 5


"Watts’ language evokes the beautiful desolation of outback landscapes and provides a thoughtful subtext on the bleak marriage between colonial romanticism and indigenous extinction."

The Age

"Not Like Beckett is the ultimate tragicomedy for you if you love to sit around after a show and chat about what you’ve seen – and you’ll want to. Not Like Beckett delves into all sorts of philosophies and ‘isms’ that require further discussion. It’s not a play you can walk away from and not provoke chatter."

Australian Stage

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