25 Down

by Richard Jordan

In a world that’s lost all meaning, 25-year-old art school dropout James is searching for answers.



25 Down by Richard Jordan is a fast-paced, funny and insightful play about the ‘children of ’ the children of the revolution, and the morally ambiguous world in which we all now live.

Synopsis: Intimacy. Art. Truth. Sex.

In a world where nothing means anything, 25-year-old art school dropout James is searching for answers. But when all-nighters, gay bars, drugs and sex fail to provide what is missing, James begins to question if life is really all downhill after 25.

25 Down by Richard Jordan was the winner of the 2008-2009 Queensland Premier’s Drama Award. It was first produced by Queensland Theatre at the Bille Brown Studio in 2009.

ISBN: 9780908156948


"Jordan’s writing is deft, sharp, witty… and emotionally engaging. He has his finger on the pulse of his generation."

The Courier Mail, 2012

"A strictly generation Y play, it has broader applications than its gay focus."

Stage Whispers, 2012

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