A Tribute of Sorts

by Benjamin Schostakowski

‘Flabbergastingly damaged and unstoppably hilarious’ – Australian Stage


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Benjamin Schostakowski‘s A Tribute of Sorts is an artful, dark and funny celebration of theatre itself.

Synopsis: Ivan and Juniper Plank have put together a glitzy variety show. It’s a wacky journey that that will lead you through the demise of 26 infants. It’s a tribute … of sorts.

A Tribute of Sorts by Benjamin Schostakowski was first produced by Monsters Appear and La Boite Indie in 2012. It was awarded 4 Matilda Awards including: Best New Australian Work, Best Independent Production, Best Male Actor (Dash Kruck) and Best Female Actor (Emily Burton).

ISBN: 9781921390555

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"Yes, congratulations are in order, because these kids were at the theatre instead of watching TV soaps, and they learned that it doesn’t always have to be well-made plays that can make our hearts soar with sheer joy"

Daily Review

"Shows like this make your heart sing, as they take off into new and always expanding realms, exploring what theatre can do by building on old traditions."

Daily Review, 2014

"Incredibly funny"

The Courier Mail

"Halfway between Tim Burton's most twisted excess and Wes Anderson's most peculiar indulgence. A Tribute of Sorts is Schostakowski creating the violent, surreal world of his dreams and running wild in it."

Australian Stage

"Flabbergastingly damaged and unstoppably hilarious"

Australian Stage

"Schostakowski is not so much interested in aping theatrical traditions as using them to fashion something new. A Tribute of Sorts is a magic box spring-loaded with surprise and awkward humour"

The Australian

"A new generation of creatives...giving us wonderful mind-expanding work to marvel at"

A Little Gossip

"Unexpectedly endearing, wickedly funny, and pithily punchy in delivery, A Tribute of Sorts is a production that celebrates morbid humour, slick words, foxy timing and the art of theatre itself"

Arts Review

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