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Big Yikes! by Madeleine Border


THEMES: Coming-of-age, Anxiety, “What’s my purpose?”
LENGTH: 90 Minutes, no interval
NO. OF CHARACTERS: 20 (Large Cast)
SUITABLE FOR: Middle & Senior Years, Adults

Big Dreams. Bigger Doubts. Big Yikes!


Big Yikes! by Madeleine Border is a coming-of-age story that explores boundaries, decision making and autonomy while asking the big questions like “what is my purpose?”, “what should I do with my life?” and “why does my housemate leave lentils in the fridge to rot?” This piece is written largely without pronouns and for a cast of any gender.


Meet Lorrie. Sorry… Loxie. Loxie is cooler. She’s rebranding so as not to be mistaken with a load-bearing truck. She wouldn’t want you to know that though – she doesn’t like being ‘perceived’.

Loxie is leaving school, starting her first job, moving out of home, and waiting for Uni offers. She’s entering her adulting era. ‘Finding yourself’ is hard when you’re searching in a rundown share house, the situationship you THINK you have with your coworker, and under the constant nagging of your divorced parents.


Big Yikes! was produced by Playlab Theatre and premiered at the The Underground Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse from the 13 March – 23 March, 2024.

ISBN: 978 0 908156 12 2


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Dimensions 21 × 15 × 0.5 cm


Unit 1: Share (Linear)

Students explore the importance of drama as a means to tell stories and share understandings of the human experience …Students study this unit with the purposes of empowering and informing audiences through storytelling as a dramatic form.


Unit 2: Reflect (Realism)

Students explore the power of drama to reflect lived experience with the purposes of informing and challenging audiences, understanding and empathising with the truth of others’ experiences, and chronicling/documenting and celebrating what it is to be human.



Unit D: Commentary (Commenting on Social Issues)

Students explore theatre practitioners and the commentary made in their works through viewing live productions. Through the study of the work of real-world practitioners, students explore theatre-making processes to build understanding of how drama comments on contemporary issues. 



Core Topic 1-3 (Personal, Interpersonal & Citizenship)

Students establish a basis for further education and employment. It allows them to manage change, to be resilient and adaptive, and to develop strategies so that they can cope with the demands of the post-school transition period. 



Unit 4: Respectful Relationships in Post School Transitions

Students investigate the role of respectful relationships in the post-schooling transition. They propose justified strategies to enhance the diffusion of those innovations for their Year 12 cohort to support a successful post-schooling transition.



Unit 1: Perspectives and Texts

Students explore individual and/or collective experiences and perspectives of the world through engaging with a variety of texts.  


Unit 3: Textual Connections

Students explore connections between texts by examining representations of the same concepts and issues in different texts. In doing so, they consider how the textual constructions of the same concepts and issues in different texts resonate, relate to, and clash with one another.


"“It's clear why this play has been deemed perfect for school groups and tours.” "

Bridie Middleton, Stage Door Podcast, 2024

"Millennials and Gen Z assemble because this is the show for us!"

Stage Buzz Brisbane , 2024

"It’s a moment of pure cringe – the good kind"

Nick Dent, Brisbane Times, 2024

"“...glorious and genuinely hilarious, while at the same time making thoughtful commentary about the state of the world.” "

Claire Christian, ArtsHub , 2024

"“Big Yikes! emerges as a poignant coming-of-age tale that navigates the tumultuous waters of self-discovery with wit, heart, and authenticity... the production not only entertains but also offers a mirror for audiences to reflect on their own journey of growth and self-actualization.”"

Jake Goodall, Jakes Art Adventures , 2024

"“With a littering of lizard themed jokes, distinct relatable characters and scenarios, Border effectively captures the essence of young adulthood, the struggle of understanding identity and the flippant nature of growing up.” "

Annabel Gilbert, Theatre Haus , 2024

Education Notes

The Education Notes for Big Yikes! were written and compiled by Lucy Harkin.

Download Education Notes

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