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Compass by Jessica Bellamy


THEMES: Isolation, Survival, Entitlement
LENGTH: 60 Minutes
SUITABLE FOR: Middle Years

If we are barely managing to take care of ourselves, how do we treat an outsider? Is our moral compass set in stone, or can we get lost?

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Jessica Bellamy’s The Compass was the winner of the 2012 ATYP Foundation Commission. It is a comedy with a sting in its tail, asking how far we’ll go to hold on to what we think we deserve.


The teacher is missing, there isn’t enough food, it’s getting dark and no one mentioned that the toilets out here are nothing but holes in the ground.

For a small group of students, it seems their grade seven camp couldn’t get much worse, that is until a stranger appears.


Winner of the 2012 atyp foundation commission, Compass premiered on the 16th of October 2013 at atyp.

ISBN: 978 1 921390 52 4

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