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Reboot by Michael Costi


THEMES: Balance & Moderation, Human Connection, Digital Addiction
LENGTH: 90 Minutes
NO. OF CHARACTERS: 8+ Large Cast
SUITABLE FOR: Primary & Middle Years

Tech-savvy teens face off against their own devices in Camp Reboot!


Winner of the 2022 ATYP Foundation Commission for 10-13 yr olds, Reboot by Michael Costi uses humour and satire to engage with contemporary issues surrounding technology and its impact on individuals, relationships, and society. It encourages reflection on the role of technology in our lives and the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between the digital and analog worlds.


Parents of Australia! Are you sick of your kids being glued to their phones? Do you wish they could leave their devices behind forever? Well, you just may need to sign them up for Camp Reboot… Reboot is a comedic satire that follows a group of tech-obsessed teenagers, including a social media influencer, a hacker and a gamer, who enter Camp Reboot, a special new Summer Camp designed to detox kids from all forms of technology. As the campers embark on a tech-free adventure, things are not quite as they seem. The campers discover a secret that could change their lives forever. During the journey, the campers make unexpected connections and discover the true value of teamwork. Reboot is a comedic thriller that tests the limits of a life without technology. It is a satire on our attachment to our screens but also a probing look into who really pulls the strings.


Reboot was the winner of the ATYP Foundation Commission (cast aged 10-13 years) in 2022. It premiered at The Rebel Theatre, ATYP on 9 Nov 2023.

ISBN: 978 1 922424 97 6


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DRAMA (Year 7/8)

Investigate ways the elements of drama and/or conventions are used to communicate ideas, perspectives and/or meaning in drama created and/or performed across cultures, times, places and/or other contexts (AC9ADR8E01)


Develop performance skills relevant to selected drama styles and/or forms (AC9ADR8D01)


HEALTH (Year 5/6

Analyse how behaviours influence the health, safety, relationships and wellbeing of individuals and communities (AC9HP6P10)


Analyse and rehearse protective behaviours and help-seeking strategies that can be used in a range of online and offline situations (AC9HP6P08)


Describe and demonstrate how respect and empathy can be expressed to positively influence relationships (AC9HP6P04)


HEALTH (Year 7/8

Developing and evaluating strategies on use of social media, phones and the internet to remain safe and protect and respect the privacy of self and others (ACPPS071)


ENGLISH (Year 7)

Identify and explore ideas, points of view, characters, events and/or issues in literary texts, drawn from historical, social and/or cultural contexts, by First Nations Australian, and wide-ranging Australian and world authors (AC9E7LE01)


Identify and explain the ways that characters, settings and events combine to create meaning in narratives (AC9E7LE05)


Identify and evaluate devices that create tone, for example humour, wordplay, innuendo and parody in poetry, humorous prose, drama or visual texts (ACELT1630


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