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Tranzitions by Stephen Davis



THEMES: Change, Youth Issues, Experimentation, Media
Length: 1.5 Hours
CAST SIZE: 9+ Cast Members
SUITABLE FOR: Middle Years

The only rule they broke was liking each other.


The only rule they broke was liking each other.

Milly and Brian are in Grade 7. They are going to high school soon and everything seems to be changing. They’re not sure about anything anymore – least of all their first kiss. How do you do it? Who do you do it with? Why has it turned into such a big deal anyway? Their friends think the school fancy dress dance is the perfect place for them to figure it out!

But things at the dance don’t go to plan. A rumoured kiss sparks a little lie that turns into a huge mass media event. And trying to clear their names only makes it more complicated.

When did the transition from primary to high school become more complicated than figuring out how to kiss?

Written Stephen Davis, Tranzitions is the first installment in the Coming of Age series also including Juice and Blurred.


Tranzitions was first performed at the Cremorne Theatre, QPAC from 14 – 22 November 1996.

ISBN 9781921390180

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