Lady in Danger

by Max Afford

Murder! Mystery! Suspense … and don’t forget the Nazi sympathisers.


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Max Afford‘s Lady in Danger is a comedy-thriller in three acts.


Murder! Mystery! Suspense … and don’t forget the Nazi sympathisers.

Monica Sefton is a lady in danger. With all the research she’s been doing for her latest crime novel she’s figured out how to commit the perfect murder. And with the help of her neighbour Doctor Gresham, it’s just the formula for the perfect poison that she needs and she’ll have the biggest crime novel ever written in her hands. That is, if she doesn’t become a part of a murder plot herself.

Her husband Bill’s been sacked from his job as a crime reporter because he knew too much about the illustrious philanthropist Sir Charles Redmond and his shady past. When Redmond is found dead due to mysterious causes and an unfamiliar corpse becomes uncovered in the Sefton’s closet, the Sefton’s find themselves embroiled in a scandal straight out of the pages of a murder mystery.

Will Monica’s perfect crime become more than a work of fiction? Will an innocent person be put away for a scandalous murder? And who will be caught with blood on their hands?


Lady in Danger premiered at the Street Theatre, Canberra on November 14, 2014, produced by The Street in association with David Atfield, and supported by the ACT Government, through ArtsACT project funding.

ISBN: 978 1 921390 39 5


"…On the first evening, Max and his wife Thelma … had the satisfaction of hearing heartfelt cries of ‘Author! Author!’ from the premiere audience, demonstrating their pleasure in participating for the first time within a living generation in a now-routine ritual of Australian commercial theatre."

Veronica Kelly, 2012

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