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Beyond The Neck by Tom Holloway


THEMES: Port Arthur Massacre, Australian History, Grief
LENGTH: 90 Minutes
CAST SIZE: 3 – 4 Cast Members
SUITABLE FOR: Senior Years

The old man falls into his wife’s arms. He cries. The young mother and wife sees the pile of washing she has dropped on the floor.


The old man falls into his wife’s arms. He cries. The young mother and wife sees the pile of washing she has dropped on the floor. She cannot stand so she slides down the door. The teenage girl as a child sits thinking she’s in trouble but instead tells her mother the news. The boy walks home in silence. He feels the blood run down his cheek.

Four complete strangers, bound by a shared moment. The Tasmanian Port Arthur Massacre. Ten years on and still the aftershock ripples.

Based on in-depth interviews, Beyond the Neck deals with the grief and recovery of the 1996 tragedy.

ISBN 9780908156924

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"If one can contend with the complexity of this piece, no small ask, Beyond the Neck is a rewarding night at the theatre"

The Buzz from Sydney, 2007

"The sadness will never really leave many people's lives, but there is something warm and human that can come out of sharing stories such as Beyond the Neck."

ABC, 2007

"“A remarkable play - Tom is an authentic, original and exciting new playwright."

Royal Court Theatre (London), 2007

"Having shown in Sydney as well, the play comes to Melbourne’s Red Stitch Theatre for the first time, all the more poignant as the majority Port Arthur’s survivors live in Victoria. While possibly resurfacing painful events the story still resonates for audiences and cast-members alike."


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