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The Apology by Stefo Nantsou


THEMES: Teenage Violence, Bullying, High School
LENGTH: 1 Hour
SUITABLE FOR: Middle Years
CAST SIZE: 1 – 2 Cast Members

“Mr Buckley rang me. Said there was a hassle at the excursion. Said you were to blame


“Mr Buckley rang me. Said there was a hassle at the excursion. Said you were to blame. You want to give me your side of the story? Is someone hassling you…someone in your class? If someone is giving you a hard time … then be smart … pick your time and place … use your head … and fight back. OK?”

When Ray takes his dad’s advice and stands up to the school bullies, his life will be changed forever.

An award-winning production, The Apology is a powerful study of teenage violence and the effects of long-term bullying.

Production History

The Apology premiered at the Newcastle Showroom in 2005.

Published alongside The Forwards by Stefo Nantsou

ISBN: 9780908156955

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Dimensions 21 × 15 × 0.5 cm

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