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The Fledglings by Maxine Mellor


THEMES: Dreams and Desires, Disappointment, Generational Battles
LENGTH: 1 Hour
CAST SIZE: Large cast without doubling
Middle & Senior Years

Published as a collection, Maxine Mellor’s The Fledglings and Merlynn Tong’s Good Grief are designed for Years 9-12 and can be edited, rearranged and re-imagined by an ensemble of students.

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Blue Bones by Merlynn Tong

‘I saw my insides today. I found Tom, my first love, in my bones.’

Horizon by Maxine Mellor

Lovers on the highway, chased down by their past.


The Fledglings by Maxine Mellor is published alongside Good Grief by Merlynn Tong in a collection.

SYNOPSIS: The Fledglings by Maxine Mellor — The Fledglings reimagines and updates the in-between scenes of Checkov’s The Seagull, giving special attention to the younger characters, teetering on the edge of their nests with eyes on their horizons. These three hopefuls – Konstantin, Nina, and Masha – want to soar far and free from the stultifying artificial lake estate where their parents idle away their time. They do not want their dreams and desires to be eroded into disappointment, despondency, meaningless rage, and callousness; they do not want to become like their parents.

But it’s hard to leave the nest with clipped wings. Will these fledglings have the strength to hold their weight against the pull of the lake?

Good Grief  by Merlynn Tong — Ancient myths and legends from around the globe are reimagined into modern day moments in this series of intriguing vignettes. Good Grief pays tribute to Greek, Chinese, Aztec, Japanese, Norse and other potent tales. With more than 30 characters, and an invitation to use ensemble and choral work, Good Grief peers into the windows of disparate lives in flux and transformation. We are left wondering if we, as human beings, are ultimately connected; if we all share the same fundamental need to love, and experience the same landscapes of lost and longing, hope and hunger for life.


The Fledglings was first produced by Queensland Theatre as part of The Scene Project.

ISBN: 978 1 925338 90 4

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