Charlie Pilgrim (Or A Beginner's Guide To Time Travel)

by Sam O'Sullivan

Have you ever wanted to change the past? Charlie Pilgrim has.


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Sam O’Sullivan’s Charlie Pilgrim (Or a Beginner’s Guide to Time Travel) was the winner of the 2017 ATYP Foundation Commission.


Have you ever wanted to change the past? Charlie Pilgrim has. And with the prototype of her time machine – The Mobius – ready for a test run, she was hoping to get her chance.

Unfortunately, starting up the machine has accidentally created a closed time loop that adds a new Charlie every twenty-four hours. With the population rising and group dynamics coming into play, things go from Interstellar to Lord of the Flies pretty fast. To save her soul, and prevent the universe from collapsing under the weight of a mounting series of mind-bending paradoxes, Charlie is forced to do battle… with herself.

Note: Every character is a version of the same person – Charlie Pilgrim. Casting an ensemble with a diverse range of backgrounds is encouraged.


Charlie Pilgrim (Or a Beginner’s Guide to Time Travel) was first produced by ATYP, premiering at SBW Stables Theatre on November 24, 2018.

ISBN: 97 81925338 71 3

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