Female Monologue Collection

Monologues are a right of passage. A test of an actor’s metal. A tool to sharpen one’s teeth with. A challenge.



Monologues are a rite of passage. A test of an actor’s metal. A tool to sharpen one’s teeth with. A challenge. The Female Monologue Collection features 20 monologues gleaned from Playlab’s extensive catalogue of Australian plays, including monologues from:

Anna Robi and the House of Dogs (Anna) by Maxine Mellor

Beyond the Neck (Visitor) by Tom Holloway

Blurred (Freda) by Stephen Davis

Colder (Robyn – Age 33) by Lachlan Philpott

Colder (Robyn – Age 59) by Lachlan Philpott

Constance Drinkwater and the Final Days of Somerset (Constance) by Stephen Carleton

The Danger Age (Albert) by Kate Mulvany

Fractions (Hypatia) by Marcel Dorney

The Ghost Writer (Brihanna) by Ross Mueller

Keep Everything You Love (Emma) by David Brown

Last Drinks (Maybellene) by Shaun Charles

Magda’s Fascination with Wax Cats (Magda) by Maxine Mellor

Post Office Rose (Louie) by Linda Hassall

The Seven Stages of Grieving (Woman) by Wesley Enoch and Deborah Mailman

Surviving Jonah Salt (Patricia) by Kathryn Ash, Stephen Carleton, Gail Evans and Anne Harris

Surviving Jonah Salt (Trish) by Kathryn Ash, Stephen Carleton, Gail Evans and Anne Harris

Urban Dingoes (Margret Mary) by Norman Price

Urban Dingoes (Anne) by Norman Price

Walking by Apple Tree Creek (Del) by Ian Brown

The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay (Rachael) by Sean Mee

ISBN 978 1 921390 15 9

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