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Antigone by Merlynn Tong after Sophocles


THEMES: Power, Family, Activism 
70 minutes
Senior Years & Adults

The epic argument rages on.

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Blue Bones by Merlynn Tong

‘I saw my insides today. I found Tom, my first love, in my bones.’

Good Grief by Merlynn Tong

Published as a collection, Merlynn Tong’s Good Grief and Maxine Mellor’s The Fledglings are designed for Years 9-12 and can be edited, rearranged and re-imagined by an ensemble of students.


Merlynn Tong‘s Antigone is a lyrical adaptation of Sophocles’ timeless tragedy, with a modern twist.


A great city has been torn apart by a civil war between two brothers. In the aftermath, both lie dead – one hailed as a hero and lying in state, the other condemned as a traitor and dumped in a carrion pile. From the ashes of their conflict rises a dystopian state under a new leader – a career politician who rose to power by dint of her ruthlessness.

Grieving and heartbroken, their sister Antigone challenges the leader for the right to bury and mourn her dead brother with dignity, sparking a furious act of rebellion that will shake the city to its foundations.


Merlynn Tong’s adaptation of Antigone was first produced by Queensland Theatre, premiering at the Bille Brown Theatre on October 26, 2019.

ISBN: 978 1 922424 07 5

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Education Notes

The education notes in Antigone are designed to support educators in their design and delivery of learning experiences using the playtext.


"Its a powerful story that transcends time"

FacesofBNE, 2019

"70 minutes of power and passion"

Absolute Theatre, 2019


The Courier Mail, 2019

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