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Keep Everything You Love by David Brown


THEMES: Teenage Suicide, Depression, High School, Relationships
LENGTH: 120 Minutes
SUITABLE FOR: Senior Years

Meet Brett and Emma, two Year 12 students linked by a common tragedy: suicide.


David Brown‘s Keep Everything You Love is a powerful insight into youth suicide and the impact on those who are left behind. Thoroughly researched and well-received by thousands around the country Keep Everything You Love is an empowering and life affirming drama.


Brett and Emma are two Year 12 students linked by a common tragedy: suicide.

This play offers a powerful yet sensitive insight into youth suicide and the impact on those who are left behind. With an introduction by internationally recognised Theatre for Young People specialist Judith McLean, and teachers’ notes by Collette Brennan, Keep Everything You Love is not only a memorable text for performance, but also a dynamic educational resource.


Commissioned by the Brisbane Festival in 1998, Keep Everything You Love toured throughout regional QLD, Alice Springs and Darwin in 2001.

ISBN: 97 8 0908156 65 8


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Education Notes

The three frameworks included in these notes feature a sequence of activities which have been devised in response to the experience of the characters in Keep Everything You Love. In the notes the play acts as a springboard to further contextualise important themes and issues evident in the performance.

Keep Everything You Love is a story about young people. These notes have been compiled with the philosophy that Young People’s view of the world and themselves has importance and validity, and that they are significant stakeholders in the constantly shifting creation and consumption on youth cultures. This valuing of the lived experience of young people also entails treatment of issues, such as grief and loss, that may not usually appear in the curriculum.


"David Brown’s play succeeds triumphantly ... this dynamic play addresses its audience honestly, compassionately and respectfully."

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