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Trollop by Maxine Mellor


THEMES: Identity, Conformity, Relationships, Voicelessness, Social Ugliness
LENGTH: 90 Minutes

“Dark, funny, twisted, isolated, and just a bit messed up” – (Scene Magazine)

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Maxine Mellor‘s Trollop is “dark, funny, twisted, isolated, and just a bit messed up” (Scene Magazine)


Clara is uncomfortably numb. Cocooned in her spartan home, she wallows in tracky-dacks and the misery of the recently jobless, feeding on apathy and the images of natural disaster piped into her living room by the pitiless glare of the TV. Clara is haunted by what she could aspire to if she could break from her funk. Her relentlessly upbeat partner Erik has devised a plan for her to get back on her feet. Instead, she devises a series of increasingly gruesome ‘quests’ for him.

Then, one stormy night, a stranger calls – and the chinks in the pair’s relationship begin to widen. Uncomfortable truths are revealed and there are hints of horrors to come, as ancient myths are dragged, growling, into the modern day.

The winner of the 2012/2013 Queensland Premier’s Drama Award, Trollop is a complex, uneasy and challenging work that both explores and exploits contemporary communication modes.


Following several creative developments, Trollop premiered on August 2, 2013 in a three-week season at Queensland Theatre Company’s Billie Brown Studio.

ISBN 978 1921390 45 6

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""This is inside-the-head-made-manifest theatre, a neo-expressionistic piece which deserves the freedom to lash out in its own sweet way – which it does – to mess with your head.""

Actors Greenroom, 2013

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