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Fractions by Marcel Dorney


THEMES: Science, Religion, Philosophy, Women’s Rights
LENGTH: 2.5 Hours
CAST SIZE: 5 – 6 Cast Members

In Fifth Century Egypt, Alexandria – Alexander the Great’s namesake city – has ambitions to be the most powerful city in the…


In Fifth Century Egypt, Alexandria – Alexander the Great’s namesake city – has ambitions to be the most powerful city in the world. And knowledge is power. The great Library of Alexandria houses the collected wisdom of the world – science, mathematics, astronomy and literature. One of its greatest scholars and inventors is Hypatia – a woman ahead of her time in a man’s world. She’s revered for her devotion to the search for knowledge. But the power politicking of one man, Kyril, starts a holy war in the city, which threatens to destroy the great library. Hypatia must find a way to protect it – and prevent civilization from sliding into the Dark Ages.

This thrilling play is based on the real-life events of one of history’s most remarkable unsung heroines.

Production History

Produced as part of the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award by Queensland Theatre Company, 2011.

ISBN: 9781921390111

Additional information

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Dimensions 21 × 15 × 0.5 cm


"This is a splendid play, brilliantly written and destined for literary greatness."

Stage Whispers

"Dorney tackles such matters with vigour. He is not afraid of complexity either in ideas or in his characters. The early part of the play is particularly incisive in setting up the argument between rationality and belief."

James Harper, The Courier Mail

"Writer Dorney and director Halpin have taken on an ambitious task, crafting a play that explores not just an important moment in history, but also universal themes at the core of intellectual, political and religious life."

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