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Boodjar Kaatijin by Ian Wilkes


THEMES: Land Knowledge, Creation/Dreaming Stories, Noongar Language
LENGTH: 45 Minutes
SUITABLE FOR: Primary Years

Published as part of the Kaatijin collection.


Published as part of the Kaatijin collection. Join Koorlbardi (Magpie), Weitj (Emu), Nyingarn (Echidna) and their koordahs (friends) as they take you on a wild adventure into traditional legends of how the land was created.

Boodjar Kaatijin by Ian Wilkes is published in the Kaatijin collection. Based on the creation stories in and around the Perth metropolitan area, the Kaatijin collection includes Noongar language, puppetry, masks and exciting and engaging ways for primary-aged children to understand the spiritual and practical application of fire, caring for country, environmental sustainability, cultural awareness and what it means to be a strong, centred individual learning about the world.

Production History

Boodjar Kaatijin was first presented by Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company at the Subiaco Arts Centre in Perth, in October 2016.

ISBN: 978 1 925338 98 0

Additional information

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Education Notes


These education notes are designed to enhance students’ engagement with Kaarla (karl / a) Kaatijin (ka / ta / jin) and Boodjar (bood / jar) Kaatijin (ka / ta / jin). The activities can be delivered sequentially or individually and offer students an opportunity to analyse, evaluate, describe and discuss the play, the creation stories and Noongar country, dialect groups, language and seasons.


"The Production is aimed squarely at engaging with and enriching the learning of the children."

Arts Hub Review, 2016

"It was an amazing experience for the students and tied in directly with the curriculum. "

Teacher, Subiaco Primary School

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