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Bison by Lachlan Philpott


THEMES: Homosexuality, Sex, Ageing
LENGTH: 60 Minutes
CAST SIZE: 3 – 4 Cast Members

Delve beneath the surface into the real lives of today’s gay men.


Delve beneath the surface into the real lives of today’s gay men. Teenage Jason is exploring his awakening sexual identity, Tom is travelling the world with his gay guidebook in hand, 30-something Simon is hungry for sex, and 48-year old Richard yearns for the freedom and promiscuity of his youth. Each of them on an endless search to find the right one, the right place, and the right night that is inevitably elusive.

From virtual dating to bareback sex, and nightclub hook ups to monogamy, Bison strips back, sucks out and spits at the herd-like behaviour of the gay male habitat and the rules that govern the ‘scene’.


Bison was first performed in Melbourne in 2000 by wreckedAllprods, followed by sell-out seasons across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Belfast. Bison has also played a successful season at the Oval House Theatre, London in 2010.

Published alongside Colder by Lachlan Philpott

ISBN: 97 81921390067

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"The dialogue is quick, clever and full of terms that will strike a chord with Sydney siders. There’s so much jammed into this work that will resonate… the humour in BISON comes thick and fast… there are moments of boundless humour that shift to scenes of sheer terror, darkness, and depression… they left me absolutely breathless. BISON captures the essence of today’s gay community with sheer honesty and brutality."

Jade Starr

"BISON is an artfully stitched ­together set of character portraits. Philpott’s wry take on gay life past, present and virtual is right on the money."

Sun Herald

"BISON is variously poignant, painful and painfully funny."

Culture Theatre Review (Ireland)

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