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Machina by Richard Jordan


THEMES: Technology, Social Interaction, Identity
CHARACTER AGES: Early 20s to Mid 60s
LENGTH: 90 Minutes
CAST SIZE: 5 – 6 Cast Members

The Machina digital platform is god-like in its power and influence – I was reminded of Orwell’s Big Brother (1984) – and its…


One month ago, David Sergeant made the ultimate commitment to social media, choosing to forever separate mind and body by uploading his consciousness into social networking site Machina. An experimental and irreversible new process known as ‘Going Inside’, the user discards their need for a physical body and attains a kind of digital immortality in the cloud.

Now, as David’s family, friends and ex-lovers struggle to come to terms with his physical absence, questions are being asked about why this promising young man committed the equivalent of social suicide. Did he go willingly? Or was he pushed? David’s mother is determined to find out, even if it means reaching out to her son from the other side …

Set in an uncomfortably familiar world of carefully-constructed online profiles and disposable digital relationships, Machina is a bold and ambitious new play by Richard Jordan (25 Down)


The premiere production of Machina opened at The Loft Theatre, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane as part of the La Boite Indie season on 9th May 2014.

ISBN: 978 1 921390 70 8

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"Machina (pronounced MAK-ina from deus ex machine – the god via the machine) has ideas far above its station – encompassing the literal absorption of sentient beings into the cloud of its workings."

Actors Greenroom

"An exploration of reality versus virtual life, Richard Jordan’s Machina is the most thought provoking play to date this year and deserves a place in the time capsule for this era."

Aussie Theatre

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