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World Pride Bundle


SUITABLE FOR: Senior Years & Adults

Pick up this bundle of Queer stories to celebrate World Pride 2023 🌈


Celebrate World Pride 2023 🌈 with this collection of Queer stories from contemporary Australian playwrights.


Gaybies by Dean Bryant

Hotly political and deeply personal, Gaybies shares the intimate real-life stories of children from same-sex parents, surrogate mums, donor dads, co-parents and guardians. A funny and moving piece of real-life theatre Dean Bryant’s Gaybies tells the story of children who have grown up with gay parents. Drawn straight from interviews with children aged four to forty, these are authentic accounts of family life told with humour, honesty and wisdom.

promiscuous/cities by Lachlan Philpott 

One city, one night, and a new story everywhere you look. But this isn’t the San Francisco you may have heard of in songs or seen on TV. This shit is real.

The inventive large cast multi-narrative work was created in a collaboration with MFA acting students at American Conservatory Theatre. It questions San Francisco’s reputation as a place of freedom and liberal practices, giving the cities dated mythology a shake. promiscuous/cities shines the light on issues such as homelessness, the impact of the IT boom, gentrification and the continuing legacy of the HIV pandemic offering the audience a theatrical experience that provokes conversation about how urban landscapes all over the world are changing and forcing those within them to change too.

Lost Boys by Lachlan Philpott 

Cy and Robert Murphy are teenagers living in a life of sun and saltwater, but as the sun sets, a malevolent culture of homophobia and violence surfaces, with consequences that ripple across generations.

Inspired by real events and told through the eyes of three generations of the Murphy family. Lost Boys rips into a dark part of our male-dominated culture, asking how perpetrators of violent crimes live with their unspeakable pasts. Commemorating lives lost, this deeply affecting and potent new work forces us to examine secrets held for decades, and prejudices still held today.

Son of Byblos by James Elazzi

Adam has everything under control. Casual sex when he wants it. His traditional Lebanese parents wrapped around his little finger. His cousin Claire, the only person he can be his true self with, always by his side. As each day passes, he knows what to expect. Until one day, Claire returns from Lebanon engaged to a man she barely knows, a man who doesn’t even speak the same language as her. With this one decision, their truce is shaken. Sex isn’t getting him off, his parents have started asking questions he doesn’t have answers too and Adam begins to lose his grip.


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