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Horizon by Maxine Mellor


THEMES: Power and Abuse of Power, Australian Identity, Ambition and Privilege
LENGTH: 90 Minutes
SUITABLE FOR: Senior Years & Adults

Lovers on the highway, chased down by their past.

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Maxine Mellor‘s Horizon is a high-octane adrenaline rush of sweat, grit and dangerous ambition set in a classic car tearing its way from Queensland’s east coast to the guts of the country.


Cole and Sky, a young couple, are driving in a classic Aussie car from the coast into the guts of the country. Cole’s father is ill and Sky is due a holiday after climbing the corporate ladder.

They set out with unbridled enthusiasm for the road ahead; swept up in romantic dreaming and poetic ruminations amid the boundless plains. They knit new narratives for themselves; give themselves new names and identities in sync with their seemingly unanimous versions of utopia. Their newfound freedom is underscored by a long-forgotten mix tape buried deep in the glovebox, but out of the static following the final song comes a blast from the past.

Equal parts Mad Max, Evil Angels, and Wolf Creek, Horizon keeps who we are in the rear-view mirror, whilst asking what it is we can see in the heat-distorted bitumen ahead?


Horizon was first produced by Playlab Theatre presented in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse premiering at the Underground Theatre on May 19, 2021.

ISBN: 978 1 922424 39 6

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Unit 2: Reflect (Australian Gothic Theatre)

Students explore the power of drama to reflect lived experience, with the purposes of informing and challenging audiences, understanding, and empathising with the truth of others’ experiences, and chronicling/documenting and celebrating what it is to be human.


Unit 2: Story forms (Cinematic Theatre) 

Students investigate the ways in which story takes different forms in different contexts across moving-image media platforms. Students investigate the structure of story forms across a range of contexts and moving-image media platforms.  

Education Notes

The Education Notes for Horizon is written and compiled by Stephanie Tudor.

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