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Kaatijin Volume 2 by Andrea Fernandez & Zac James


THEMES: Land Knowledge, Creation/Dreaming Stories, Noongar Language
LENGTH: 45 Minutes
SUITABLE FOR: Primary & Middle Years

A collection of Dreaming stories from various countries around the world.


Djinda Kaatijin (to understand stars) Andrea Fernandez and Zac James is a collection of Dreaming stories from various countries around the world. Bilya Kaatijin (which means “Fresh Water Knowledge” in Noongar) by Zac James is the fourth and final story in Yirra Yaakin’s Kaatijin series for young people.

Djinda Kaatijin (“to understand stars” in Noongar)
In a society where playing outside and using our imaginations has been replaced with screen time, it is important to remember to ‘look up’ from the distractions of the world and to appreciate the stars, their stories and our history.
Bilya Kaatijin (“Fresh Water Knowledge” in Noongar)
Connecting stories from Noongar land (south-west Western Australia) to Wonguktha land (the northern Goldfields), Aotearoa (New Zealand) and the Kikuyu people of Kenya, Bilya Kaatijin teaches us about the importance of water to First Nations people around the world.

Djinda Kaatijin was first produced by Yirra Yaakin at Metro Schools Incursion, May 28 – September 27, 2019.

Bilya Kaatijin was first produced by Yirra Yaakin at the Metro & Regional Schools Incursion, Perth, May 16 – August 5, 2022.

ISBN: 978 1 922424 25 9


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