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Lady Tabouli/Queen Fatima by James Elazzi


THEMES: Cultural Identity, Family Values, Self Acceptance
LENGTH: 120 Minutes

Lady Tabouli/Queen Fatima by James Elazzi is a hardcopy collection of two NSW Premier’s Literary Award Shortlisted plays.


Lady Tabouli/Queen Fatima by James Elazzi is a hardcopy collection of two NSW Premier’s Literary Award Shortlisted plays.


It’s the day of his nephew’s baptism and Danny is godfather. Living back home with his religious Lebanese mother, he’s thrown into the maelstrom of preparations and high emotions: God forbid this christening comes second to the Boustanis’!

The family can’t afford to lose face, especially with Danny recently and mysteriously calling off his engagement. But secrets will out, and amidst the sugared almonds and balloon deliveries, Danny discovers the true colours of those to whom he’s closest. Where do you turn when the people you love refuse to accept the truth?


Fast approaching 31, Fatima is feeling the pressure from her bakery owning family to get married and have children. Her boyfriend, Karim, wants their relationship to remain secret. His high-flying, lawyer parents definitely wouldn’t approve of the match.

In an effort to prove to Karim and his family she is worthy of his love, Fatima come202s up with a plan to win Queen Lebanon Australia. Moonia, the pageant organiser, accepts Fatima because this year she wants a ‘diverse group of girls’ and Fatima is unlike anything the competition has seen before. With the help of her 74 year-old best friend Gada and her coffee cup readings, Fatima goes through a transformation that not even she expected.


Queen Fatima was first produced by the 2021 Sydney Festival and the National Theatre of Parramatta, at the Riverside Theatre from 1-16 January 2021.

Lady Tabouli was first produced by Griffin Theatre Company on 1-4 May, 2019.



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