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My Name is Jimi by Ahdi Dimple Bani, Jimi Bani & Jason Klarwein


THEMES: Torres Strait Islander Culture, Hope, Survival
LENGTH: 80 Minutes
CHARACTER AGES: 13-16, 20’s – 50’s
SUITABLE FOR: Middle & Senior Years, Adults

Jimi Bani whisks you away to Mabuiag Island.


My Name is Jimi by Ahdi Dimple Bani, Jimi Bani & Jason Klarwein is an equally joyous and charming experience, and an open and unique invitation to the Wagadagam culture. Comprising of English, Yumpla Tok, and Kala Lagaw Ya languages, My Name is Jimi examines the challenges and tragedies Islanders have faced with hope, honesty, and humour. This is Jimi Bani’s superb testament to his culture.


Mabuiag Island is a remote speck in the sparking blue of the Torres Strait with thousands of years of rich history and culture, and just a few hundred people keeping its flame. Now, its favourite son, Jimi Bani, is joking in three languages with his grandmother and torturing his son with spontaneous public breakdancing! Four generations of the Bani family – Jimi’s grandmother, mother, son, and brothers – help him spin yarns of totems, traditions, and childhood memories, through music, dance, standup, and storytelling. The Bani family are fighting to protect what really matters


My Name is Jimi was first produced by Queensland Theatre, and performed at the Centre of Contemporary Arts, Cairns on July 10th – 15th, 2017.

ISBN: 978 1 922424 53 2

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