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Playlab Theatre's 2022 Season


THEMES: Various
SUITABLE FOR: Senior Years & Adults

Our 2022 Season Bundle available now


Playlab Theatre’s 2022 Season bundle gives you a copy of Blue Bones by Merlynn Tong, Face to Face by Emily Wells, Brutal Utopias by Stephen Carleton and Slow Boat by Anna Yen.


Blue Bones by Merlynn Tong

When a woman finds scars left by her ex-boyfriend of many years etched into her bones, she begins a turbulent journey to unpack her past and discover how he got under her skin. Based on the true story of two teenagers’ romance as it blossoms then warps in the heat of bustling Singapore, Blue Bones is a one-woman show told with incredible honesty by Merlynn Tong. With multiple characters, song and arcade dance games, Blue Bones is a whirlwind of love and sex, violence and courage, with the wreckage continuing to be felt across the years. Against the backdrop of Singapore with all its beauty, rigidity and insistent chaos, Blue Bones will enchant and disturb, and perhaps even wake the stories dormant in your bones.

Face to Face by Emily Wells

Moxie, passion, drive; whatever you want to call it, Leila’s got it and it compelled her hundreds of kilometres from the remote country town she grew up in to the big city. It’s been a hard six years, but she’s so close to the success she craves, so close to her dreams of representing her community, so close to being an inspiration to the other girls back home just like her.

However, one girl just like her, her niece Maddie, has just shown up on her doorstep in the middle of the night, disillusioned and far away from the same community that Leila left behind, and she’s about to make her understand just how far she’s strayed from home.

Brutal Utopias by Stephen Carleton

1971. The height of the Cold War. The Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia is opening up to Western tourism after breaking away from the Soviet Bloc. Branislav and Valentina Radovic have been compelled to design a hotel complex for the government after forging a reputation for designing ultra-modern concrete structures, triggering their lofty utopian political and architectural ideals.

Present-day. New York City. A talented Australian Geo-Engineer, Natalia Hoskings, has been asked to join the team designing New York’s ‘Big U’ – the sea wall mitigation project that will cradle Manhattan’s financial district from rising sea levels. But building a sea wall around the world’s iconic home of big business, is forcing her to ask herself; is she really saving New York, or just working for the bad guys?

Slow Boat by Anna Yen

To celebrate Victory in the Pacific, six indentured Chinese workers are staging a theatre show at Brisbane’s Bulimba Dockyards. The men aim to weave an epic tale of brotherhood and resilience, charting their journey from poverty and war in rural China, through hard work on the tiny phosphate-rich island of Nauru, to a hasty evacuation from the Japanese to Australia, and all the challenges that they overcame on the way. However, differing perspectives of critical events in their story threaten to derail this display of unity to become the one thing that could tear them apart.



然而,兄弟们在回顾关键事情上产生意见分歧,这不但危及他们的团结精神 ,更可能导致感情破裂而扬长而去。



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