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Trophy Boys by Emmanuelle Mattana


THEMES: Toxic Masculinity, Contemporary Feminism, Entitlement
LENGTH: 70 minutes, no interval
SUITABLE FOR: Senior Years, Adults

Boys being boys. 


Trophy Boys by Emmanuelle Mattana uses queering, camp and drag as a playful and powerful tools to interrogate the well documented toxic masculinity, misogyny and homophobia of our ‘elite’ private boys schools.


It is the biggest night of Melbourne’s academic calendar, the Grand Finale of the Year 12 Interschool Debating Tournament. The boys from the elite St Imperium College are locked in a classroom for their short debate prep , arguing ‘that feminism has failed women’. But what begins as a riotously funny satire on insecure adolescent masculinity and the ego of Australia’s next generation of politicians quickly turns sour when news breaks that one of the boys has been anonymously accused of sexual assault.


Trophy Boys by Emmanuelle Mattana was first produced at the La Mama Courthouse on December 4 — 6. 2022.

ISBN: 978-0-908156-91-7


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"This sharp-witted play puts a mirror up to the arrogance that characterises the entitled and highly spoilt young men being churned out of private schools across western culture. The reflection that is cast is rather ugly, but it is also extremely humorous. "

Stage Whispers, Patricia Di Risio , 2023

"It’s a brave debut that confidently engages with complex debates in contemporary feminism in a scarily accurate parlance."

Arts Hub, Jennifer Barry, 2023

"Proto-intellectualism, sassy moves and the use of Linx deodorant are just some of the things that make this new play Trophy Boys by Emmanuelle Mattana hilarious and socially relevant for today’s theatre going audiences "

Theatre Matters, Ian Nott, 2023

"Trophy Boys is simply electrifying theatre"

Theatre Travels, Lucy Lucas , 2023

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