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We Are the Mutable by Matthew Whittet


THEMES: Nature of Change & the Unknown, Internal Battles, Empathy
LENGTH: 90 Minutes
SUITABLE FOR: Middle & Senior Years

An inspiring story of the strength and adaptability of youth.

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Wisdom by David Burton

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The Fledglings by Maxine Mellor

Published as a collection, Maxine Mellor’s The Fledglings and Merlynn Tong’s Good Grief are designed for Years 9-12 and can be edited, rearranged and re-imagined by an ensemble of students.


Matthew Whittet’s We Are The Mutable externalises the internal worlds of four teenagers through the magical phenomenon of waking up changed, transformed or mutated. It questions how we deal with change and being vulnerable, what happens when you are faced with your fears, and how we find empathy.

Originally written for Queensland Theatre’s The Scene Project, We Are The Mutable, is a play constructed with an inherent flexible structure for classroom application and a wide variety of young performers. The Scene Project catalogue includes The Shot by Angela Betzien, Wisdom by David Burton, The Land Mine is Me by Claire Christian and David Burton, Orbit by David Burton, The Fledglings by Maxine Mellor and Good Grief by Merlynn Tong.


Four teenagers, Jesse, Quinn, Charlie, and Frankie are braving that grueling high school life – group projects, infuriating peers, families who won’t listen – not to mention the self-doubt consuming their days. That is until one night an unexplained phenomenon strikes the town, and the teenagers wake up changed and mutated. Their secrets are exposed, their insecurities highlighted, and their lives are completely altered, and the teens experience a transformation in the way they see themselves, each other and the world.


We Are The Mutable was first produced at James Nash State High School, Tuesday 20 July 2021.

ISBN: 978 1 922424 54 9

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