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White China by Therese Collie


THEMES: Chinese Australian Heritage, Family, Forgiveness
LENGTH:  90 Minutes
SUITABLE FOR: Senior Years & Adults

Go against the tide to find what is lost.


Spanning the reaches of the Brisbane River, White China by Therese Collie is an epic adventure that follows three generations of women as they rewrite their relationships in the wake of unacknowledged truths about their family history.


January 1974 and South-East Queensland is flooding…

As the Brisbane River breaks its banks, Daisy, a devout do-gooder sets out in a dinghy to find her mother Lily, who has disappeared from her nursing home. Jaz, a defiant hippie, and Daisy’s daughter, insists on accompanying her much to Daisy’s chagrin.

Far from lost, Lily has rediscovered her half sister Joy, who is desperate to uncover the resting place of their mother, Mary Wong. It is approaching Bi San, Ancestors’ Day, when Chinese traditionally worship the dead, but without knowing where her grave is, Joy is fearful that she will be cursed for shirking her duty. So, they begin their search by unpacking family lore and retracing historical steps.


White China was first presented by Playlab Theatre in association with Brisbane Powerhouse at the Underground Theatre, Wednesday 7 June — Saturday 17 June, 2023.

ISBN: 978 1 922424 87 7

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