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Blood Pressure by Mark Rogers



THEMES: Illness, Euthanasia, Family
LENGTH: 120 Minutes
CAST SIZE: 1 – 2 Cast Members

“Rogers has achieved more than the merely moving, he’s drilled down and hit a nerve that will twitch in everyone.”


An exploration of the dynamic of brotherhood, Blood Pressure by Mark Rogers is a two-hander about guilt, choice and the effects of chronic illness.


Two brothers, Michael and Adam, are in a hotel bathroom an hour before Michael is due to play at a piano recital. Michael is late. Adam keeps vomiting. When the details of Adam’s illness become clear, both men have to make huge and difficult decisions.

We come to understand that Adam has received a life-saving organ donation from Michael in the past, however, this organ is now failing. Michael, torn between his desire to play music and his responsibility to care for his brother, is forced to come to grips with the possibility of Adam’s death. While Adam tries to convince Michael that this might not be the worst possible outcome.


Blood Pressure premiered at the Old Fitzroy Hotel on the 14th August 2012 as a part of the final Tamarama Rock Surfers season in that space.

ISBN: 978-1-76161-011-0


"Rogers has achieved more than the merely moving, he's drilled down and hit a nerve that will twitch in everyone that has a brother, a family, a past, regrets, hurts."

Lloyd Bradford, Australian Stage

"Mark Rogers’s two-hander plumbs fraternal angst quite effectively and its examination of the emotionally fraught act of sharing and sacrifice."

Eight Nights a Week, 2012

"An excellent domestic drama that incorporates some fascinating bioethical questions, from euthanasia to the legal status of dismembered body parts (it's finders keepers, in case you were wondering)."

Jessica Keath, Concrete Playground, 2012

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