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It All Begins With Love by Rod Ainsworth



THEMES: Domestic Violence, Community, Love
CHARACTER AGES: One Old, Four Varied
LENGTH: 1 Hour
CAST SIZE: 5 – 6 Cast Members
Playlab Indie
TARGET AUDIENCE: Senior Years & Adults

I’ve never seen anything like this. Congratulations” – Senior Constable Queensland Police Service, 2014


It All Begins With Love presents an abstract space that enables five women to tell their personal stories as victims of domestic violence. The world is connected by an older woman whose story of witnessing violence as a child has affected her for her entire life. This verbatim play presents the real accounts of women subjected to violence in their homes by the one they loved most. It is a short, powerful play that is relevant for communities and schools alike. The purpose of the play is to create open and honest conversations about violence against women in our society.

It All Begins with Love was premiered at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre Bundaberg, Queensland on 21 November 2015 as part of Creative Regions anti-domestic violence campaign.

ISBN: 978 1 925338 02 7

Education Notes

Designed primarily for educators, this document outlines support for use of the It All Begins With Love theatre production.

A framework is given to the subject matter of the theatre production by defining Domestic Violence and discussing factual information, the cycle of violence, what is a healthy relationship and links to further support and resources. Support for educators asking students to analyse the theatre elements of the stage production is also given, outline information about the contemporary Verbatim Theatre style and suggested activities for pre, during and post-viewing of the performance. Some activities for use during pastoral care opportunities are also supplied throughout the package. Educators should be warned that the play contains frequent coarse language.


"I’ve never seen anything like this. Congratulations"

Senior Constable Queensland Police Service, 2014

"The confronting and brutally honest show is sure to leave audiences with a greater understanding of what actually goes on behind closed doors in some households."


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