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The Age of Bones (Zaman Belulang) by Sandra Thibodeaux



LANGUAGE: English and Bahasa Indonesia
: Injustice, Human Rights, Immigration Law
LENGTH: 75 mins

A biting and magical satire set deep beneath the sea!


Sandra Thibodeaux‘s The Age of Bones is a biting and magical satire set deep beneath the sea!


The Age of Bones traces the story of Ikan, an Indonesian boy who goes fishing one day and fails to return. Fearing the worst, his family hires a famed seafarer to track him down – he finds nothing. Combining Indonesian puppetry, music and digital projection, The Age of Bones follows Ikan’s fantastical story from Indonesia to his eventual imprisonment ‘down under’ and his fight to get home to his family. A heartfelt and darkly funny tale inspired by the real-life stories of 110 Indonesian boys allegedly imprisoned in Australian adult prisons for working on refugee boats.


ISBN: 978-1-76161-006-6


"A witty, beautiful and surreal story about an Indonesian boy falsely imprisoned in Australia … it’s an important story, playfully told."

Georgia Symons, Performing Arts Hub

"'The Age of Bones' works because of its flight from naturalism; didactic theatre rarely works, but this piece charms and seduces as it devastates."

Fiona Gruber, Australian Book Review

"… artistic rigor, international scale and storytelling ambition … 'The Age of Bones' is a rich and moving production."

Jai Leeworthy, Theatre People

"'The Age of Bones' is a surreal and timely satire of a truly farcical (if little known) chapter of recent Australian history … [It] doesn’t pander to Western sensibilities but proudly embraces and showcases its Indonesian roots."

Anna Vucic, In Review

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