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The Boys of St Crispian by Shane Pike



THEMES: Masculinity, Mateship and Revenge
LENGTH: 60 Minutes

Four blokes, four beers, one hour and one actor.


Shane Pike’s The Boys of St Crispian is a honest and darkly funny tale that introduces you to four mates who meet at the same bar at the same time every year. But this year, it’s different…


A dark and dangerous secret brings these blokes together in an unbreakable bond of mateship and solidarity. On the eve of their annual get-together, the truth is in danger of being let out. As his mates rally around our main character, George, in an effort to protect him from whatever consequences may come, he takes this final moment of safety to reveal all to the audience before their lives are changed forever.


The Boys of St Crispian was first produced under the title Bloke by Wax Lyrical Productions for the Anywhere Theatre Festival at the Blackwall Artist Space, West End, on 9 May 2014.

ISBN: 978-1-925338-67-6


"Shane Pike as both actor and writer excels. This is a fast-paced engrossing and highly relevant tale, in which humour, revulsion, anger and empathy are dealt in equal measure. Shane Pike never loses momentum as he pauses, reflects, jokes and teases and ultimately leaves us questioning good, evil, innocence and justice ... This is real, genuine, gritty, personal and intimate ... This is story-telling at its best."

Brenna Lee-Cooney, The Westender

"In a brilliant one-man performance, writer and actor Shane Pike plays George, an ordinary Aussie bloke ... the highest accolades must go to Pike: his script is hilarious and poetic in turn, and his performance is endearing, touching and affecting."

Imogen Riethmuller, Official Anywhere Theatre Festival Review

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