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Face to Face by Emily Wells


THEMES: Indigenous Culture & Community, Loss & Disconnection, Family & Relationship
LENGTH: 90 Minutes
SUITABLE FOR: Senior Years & Adults

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Emily Wells‘ Face to Face is an intimate drama about two women navigating the complex effects of disconnecting from Country, and criticism from your community, your family, and above all, yourself.


Moxie, passion, drive; whatever you want to call it, Leila’s got it and it compelled her hundreds of kilometres from the remote country town she grew up in to the big city. It’s been a hard six years, but she’s so close to the success she craves, so close to her dreams of representing her community, so close to being an inspiration to the other girls back home just like her.

However, one girl just like her, her niece Maddie, has just shown up on her doorstep in the middle of the night, disillusioned and far away from the same community that Leila left behind, and she’s about to make her understand just how far she’s strayed from home.


Face to Face is a Playlab Theatre production presented in partnership with Metro Arts. It premiered in the New Benner Theatre from from Wed 16 Mar — Sat 26 March 2022.

ISBN: 978 1 922424 59 4

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Education Notes

The Education Notes for Face to Face is written and compiled by Stephanie Tudor.

  • Unit 2 – Realism
  • Unit 3 — Theatre for Social Comment
  • Topic 2 — Contemporary Australia Theatre Practice
  • Topic 3 – The Voice of Women in Theatre
  • Unit 2 – Australian Identity
  • Unit 1 — Representational, Realist Drama
  • Unit 4 – Contemporary and Devised Drama
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"In what can feel like situations of hopelessness at times, 'Face to Face' manages to show the resiliency of First Nations People. Showing not only survival, but how we can stand up and take action to improve our mobs."

Jaydem Martin, Wiradjuri writer, 2022

"The inspirational play ‘Face to Face’ written by dynamic playwright Emily Wells takes the audience on a multi-faceted journey that embraces many of the social, political, and cultural issues impacting on the lives of First Nations peoples today, and it does so in a most delicate, subtle and non-confronting way and this in no way distracts from the seriousness of the issues raised."

Dr. Laurie Crawford, Dip. T, B. Ed, M. Ed, Dr. Ed (Honoris Causa), 2022

"Wells’ script really excels, especially in its trip from politics to pathos. The dialogue is intellectual, but punctuated with the affecting honesty of simple sentiments"

Meredith Walker, Blue Curtains Brisbane, 2022

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