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Strata by Peter Beaglehole


THEMES: Betrayal, Greed, Natural Environment, Interconnectedness, Ideological Differences
LENGTH: 75 Minutes

A black comedy tracing the roots of betrayal.

Strata by Peter Beaglehole and Forgiveness by Piri Eddy is published as part of a collection.


Published in a collection, Peter Beaglehole’s Strata and Piri Eddy’s Forgiveness are both muscular and challenging, and provide entertaining perspectives on contemporary Australia and examine relationships between people and the land we live on.


Strata by Peter Beaglehole

Set amongst the impending climate crisis, back dropped by an idyllic beach setting, Strata is a relationship drama in reverse. Travelling through the past, present, and not-too-distant future, the darkly comedic Strata traces the roots of betrayal between Robyn, her twin brother and her husband. They love each other and distrust each other just as deeply. As we move backwards in time, Strata explores love, secrets and the impact of humans on the planet.

Forgiveness by Piri Eddy

What makes us choose an act of violence over love? What makes us choose resentment over forgiveness? Forgiveness looks at the consequences of avoiding our past and into the underbelly of violence within an ordinary Australian family. Weaving between the interior landscape of thoughts and the visceral and external experience of grief and loss, we find this family crumbling under the weight of toxic masculinity. Forgiveness amplifies the epic world that simmers in the mundane and reveals the way in which trauma splinters our memory and sense of self.


These plays were first produced independently as Strata//Forgiveness in a double bill at RUMPUS, South Australia on 9 February 2021.

ISBN: 978 1 922424 60 0

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