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The Unknown Soldier by Sandra Eldridge


THEMES: War and Family
LENGTH: 1 Hour
CAST SIZE: 1 – 2 Cast Members

A beautifully executed sharing of war and family experiences both past and present.


Charlie’s life changed a lot when his father was deployed to Afghanistan, but it changed even more when he returned with the scars of war. Charlie is sent to live with his Aunt Angela, who’s quiet country life is no contest for the action and adventure that lives inside his video games.

Angela is what some would consider a collector, or to others a hoarder. But amongst the sea of knick-knack’s and bric-a-brac, there is a treasure trove of priceless letters that are set to take these two unlikely allies on a life-changing journey.

Moving seamlessly between the journey of a 13-year-old in contemporary Australian and a 16-year-old on The Western Front in 1916, this beautiful play from Sandra Eldridge is an uplifting exploration of how we carry our past into our present.

Production History

The Unknown Soldier was first produced by Monkey Baa Theatre Company, and opened at The Darling Quarter theatre Sydney NSW on the 16th June, 2015.

ISBN: 9781925338324

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 0.5 cm

Education Notes

These classroom activities form a starting point for building more in-depth lessons and/or units of works based on studies in: Drama, English and History.

The Unknown Soldier was written for young people aged 10 and up. The script contains mild, infrequent coarse language as well as themes and content relating to war.


"The Unknown Soldier is a beautifully executed sharing of war and family experiences both past and present. It is a worthwhile anniversary addition to the theatrical canon in this topic area."

Sydney Arts Guide

"This gentle play respectful of the past gently brings -places – our consciousness to the present. Monkey Baa, with The Unknown Soldier, fulfills its brief magnificently for their young audience, the adults of the future."

Kevin Jackson

"It’s a moving two-hander, examining dark themes including the horror of war and the devastating impact of PTSD without shying away from their seriousness but handling them with a light touch."

Jo Litson

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