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ATYP Senior School Bundle


CAST SIZE: Large Cast Without Doubling
LENGTH: 90 Minutes
Suitable For: Senior Years

ATYP Foundation Commissions recognises great ideas from playwrights of all levels of experience that embraces the age of young performers, providing the young actors something substantial to sink their teeth into.


Bathory Begins by Emme Hoy and Gretel VellaYear 10 Art teacher Mrs Bathory is most definitely a reincarnation of the sadistic, serial-killer Countess, Erzebet Báthory. It’s pretty obvious to her class of seven —yes, seven — girls. The last remaining survivors. When the students in 10F decide to pull the prank of the century and destroy the beast for good, there’s just one thing that stands in their way. The private school boys from Judas Gents have arrived, and they don’t feel so comfortable with murder.

Girls vs. boys. Public vs. private… And an undead woman of the night. Things were never going to end well.

Impending Everyone by Michael Andrew Collins
Someone at Elia’s high school has gained access to all the students’ browser histories, messages and metadata. They plan to release them. What do they want? Nothing more than everybody at the high school finding out who they, and everyone around them, really is. But the students can’t let this happen. They have secrets that can’t come out, and less than one day to stop their impending release.Set within a New South Wales high school, Impending Everyone explores what happens when we have to own up to the things we have said, when anonymity is stripped away and our desires are laid bare.

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