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QLD Unit 2 (Reflect) Bundle


Select any three publications from our curated lists of text suggestions for Unit 2 (Reflect). Selected texts are inclusive of the drama styles: Realism, Magical Realism and Gothic Theatre, and include texts by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. All texts explore lived experience, notions of truth and what it means to be human.

The Shot by Angela Betzien

Somewhere in the world, a photojournalist boards a flight and brings all their baggage with them.

The Chapel, the Fire and the Dead Cat by Madelaine Nunn

An act of terror? Work of the divine? Or merely an accident?

Past the Shallows by Julian Larnach based on the novel by Favel Parrett

Keep your eyes on the water.

My Name is Jimi by Ahdi Dimple Bani, Jimi Bani & Jason Klarwein

Jimi Bani whisks you away to Mabuiag Island.

We Are the Mutable by Matthew Whittet

An inspiring story of the strength and adaptability of youth.

Spontaneous Human Combustion by Daniel Evans





The Shot by Angela Betzien 

GENRE: Australian Gothic Theatre
THEMES: Photojournalism, Justice, Ethics, Hope
LENGTH: 60 minutes
SYNOPSIS: On board flight 404 a photojournalist settles in for another normal journey, but when their fellow passengers start seeming a little too familiar they’re forced to confront the subjects from all the photos they’ve shot across the years. Faced with a career’s worth of documented trauma, conflict, hardship, and grief the photojournalist, stuck in a tin can thirty thousand feet in the air, is forced to question the ethics of bringing about change one photo at a time.





The Chapel, The Fire and the Dead Cat by Madelaine Nunn

GENRE: Australian Gothic Theatre
THEMES: Supernatural, Friendship, Coming of Age
LENGTH: 120 minutes
SYNOPSIS: Smoke and ash. Wood and earth. You smelt it before you saw it. When the cursed Chapel on the hill burns to the ground, the authorities have some questions. Their suspects: the high school students seen there that night. An act of terror? Work of the divine? Or merely an accident? The Chapel, the Fire and the Dead Cat flashes between torch-lit glimpses of teenage misdemeanors. Piece by piece we are drawn deeper into the mystery, getting closer and closer to… something… and that something might just be supernatural.





Past the Shallows by Julian Larnach 

GENRE: Realism
THEMES: Alcoholism, Family Violence, Vulnerability, Love
LENGTH: 75 minutes
SYNOPSIS: Harry and Miles live with their father, an abalone diver, on the wild and beautiful south coast of Tasmania. With their father largely absent, they look after each other as best they can. Over a school holiday while Miles works on the boat, Harry begins an unlikely friendship that will upset the delicate balance holding this unpredictable world together.





My Name is Jimi by Ahdi Dimple Bani, Jimi Bani & Jason Klarwein 

GENRE: Realism
THEMES: Torres Straight Islander Culture, Hope, Survival
LENGTH: 80 minutes
SYNOPSIS: Mabuiag Island is a remote speck in the sparking blue of the Torres Strait with thousands of years of rich history and culture, and just a few hundred people keeping its flame. Now, its favourite son, Jimi Bani, is joking in three languages with his grandmother and torturing his son with spontaneous public breakdancing! Four generations of the Bani family – Jimi’s grandmother, mother, son, and brothers – help him spin yarns of totems, traditions, and childhood memories, through music, dance, standup, and storytelling. The Bani family are fighting to protect what really matters




We are the Mutable by Matthew Whittet 

GENRE: Magical Realism
Nature of Change & the Unknown, Internal Battles, Empathy
LENGTH: 90 minutes 
: 4-8
Four teenagers, Jesse, Quinn, Charlie, and Frankie are braving that grueling high school life – group projects, infuriating peers, families who won’t listen – not to mention the self-doubt consuming their days. That is until one night an unexplained phenomenon strikes the town, and the teenagers wake up changed and mutated. Their secrets are exposed, their insecurities highlighted, and their lives are completely altered, and the teens experience a transformation in the way they see themselves, each other and the world.



Spontaneous Human Combustion by Daniel Evans 

GENRE: Magical Realism 
THEMES: Trauma, Defiance, Grief
90 minutes
Large Cast
School Captain Astrid Pollard is on fire. Ever since she was assigned that oral presentation on Joan of Arc life has sort of, well, spontaneously combusted. People are looking at her funny. The frogs in Biology are singing to her. Help comes in the form of school pariah Hadley who convinces Astrid that this might be some kind of divine calling or a mission — just like Joan’s. But something darker is swirling beneath the mysterious vigil, beneath the oral presentation, beneath the playground … and it explains the radical cracks in Astrid’s strangely magical universe.



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