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QLD Unit 4 (Transform) Bundle


Select any three publications from our curated lists of text suggestions for Unit 4 (Transform).

Selected texts are inclusive of the drama styles: Elizabethan Theatre and Greek Theatre, and include texts by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. All texts explore inherited theatrical traditions and key dramatic works of the past.

The Tempest by William Shakespeare Adapted by Lynne Bradley

A visually, physically and aurally stunning adaption of Shakespeare’s last play, The Tempest.

Othello by Jimi Bani & Jason Klarwein

Shakespeare’s classic tale of jealously, betrayal and revenge lands in the Torres Strait.

Medea by Suzie Miller

Nothing is off limits. No one is safe. Not even the children.

Antigone by Merlynn Tong after Sophocles

The epic argument rages on.

Lysa and the Freeborn Dames by Claire Christian

Lysa King is nineteen and angry. 

An Ideal Husband by Lewis Treston

Corruption, hypocrisy, blackmail. It’s just another day in Canberra…





The Tempest by William Shakespeare, Adapted by Lynne Bradley 

GENRE: Elizabethan Theatre
THEMES: Magic, Freedom, Outcasts
90 Minutes
Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre present a visually, physically and aurally stunning adaption of Shakespeare’s last play, The Tempest. This poetic and provocative retelling of Shakespeare’s classic features live music and a cast of 10 actors, dancers and singers.





Othello by Jimi Barmi and Jason Klarwein

GENRE: Elizabethan Theatre
THEMES: Betrayal & Jealousy, Racism & Hatred, War & Violence, Torres Strait Islander Language & Culture
LENGTH: 2 hours & 25 minutes
SYNOPSIS: More than 800 Torres Strait Islanders signed up to protect the northern tip of Australia, including Jimi Bani’s great grandfather, the late Ephraim Bani Snr and his grandfather, the late Solomon Gela. Infusing the narrative of Othello with the historical setting of the battalion brings together two powerful artistic cultures — Shakespeare and Wagadagam — creating an utterly distinctive and electrifying theatre experience.






Medea by Kate Mulvany and Anne-Louise Sarks 

GENRE: Greek Theatre
THEMES: Love, Passion and Revenge
LENGTH: 120 minutes
SYNOPSIS: Two young children play games to distract themselves whilst their parents have a very famous showdown. As the dispute escalates the children are drawn away from their games and enter mythology as the most tragic siblings of all times.






Antigone by Merlynn Tong after Sophocles

GENRE: Greek Theatre
THEMES: Power, Family, Activism
LENGTH: 70 minutes
SYNOPSIS: A great city has been torn apart by a civil war between two brothers. In the aftermath, both lie dead – one hailed as a hero and lying in state, the other condemned as a traitor and dumped in a carrion pile. From the ashes of their conflict rises a dystopian state under a new leader. Grieving and heartbroken, their sister Antigone challenges the leader for the right to bury and mourn her dead brother with dignity, sparking a furious act of rebellion that will shake the city to its foundations.






Lysa and the Freeborn Dames by Claire Christian 

GENRE: Greek Theatre
Feminism, Politics, Activism
LENGTH: 90 minutes 
: 10
Lysa King is nineteen and angry. After spending a year away from her small town, experiencing a powerful uprising of her own political voice, and the protests of women all over the world, Lysa has returned to discover that revolution seems to be happening everywhere but home. Inspired by Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, Christian lands us in the present with this hilarious, messy, and glitter-filled response to the power of women globally.





An Ideal Husband by Lewis Treston

GENRE: Victorian Theatre
Politics, Queer Identity, Environmental Degradation 
LENGTH: 150 minutes 
: 8 
Set in 1996, Canberra—the cold-blooded political heartland of Australia—Lewis Treston’s adaptation of An Ideal Husband offers poignant insight into human frailty within the melodrama and farce of Oscar Wilde’s effervescent social satire.





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