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WA Unit 2 (Year 11) Bundle


Select any three publications from our curated lists of text suggestions for Unit 2 (Year 11).

Selected texts include both World and Australian texts, as well as texts recommended by the curriculum.  All texts focus on non-realism and presentational drama, and can be used in conjunction with the approach of Bertolt Brecht.

Antigone by Merlynn Tong after Sophocles

The epic argument rages on.

The Clown From Snowy River by Bridget Boyle & Liz Skitch

The Swagman, inspired by his beloved Banjo Paterson, sets out to stage the history of Australia.

The Trial by Franz Kafka adapted by Jason Klarwein

'One doesn't have to believe everything is true. One only has to believe it is necessary.' – Kafka

Medea by Suzie Miller

Nothing is off limits. No one is safe. Not even the children.

Beyond The Neck by Tom Holloway

The old man falls into his wife’s arms. He cries. The young mother and wife sees the pile of washing she has dropped on the floor.




Antigone by Merlynn Tong after Sophocles

GENRE: World Text (Curriculum Recommended Text) 
THEMES: Power, Family, Activism
LENGTH: 70 minutes
SYNOPSIS: A great city has been torn apart by a civil war between two brothers. In the aftermath, both lie dead – one hailed as a hero and lying in state, the other condemned as a traitor and dumped in a carrion pile. From the ashes of their conflict rises a dystopian state under a new leader. Grieving and heartbroken, their sister Antigone challenges the leader for the right to bury and mourn her dead brother with dignity, sparking a furious act of rebellion that will shake the city to its foundations.





The Clown From Snowy River by Bridget Boyle & Liz Skitch 

GENRE: Australian Text (Curriculum Recommended Text) 
THEMES: Australian Identity, History, and Culture
LENGTH: 60 minutes
SYNOPSIS: The Swagman, inspired by his beloved Banjo Paterson, sets out to stage the history of Australia. However, his troupe of clowns have ideas of their own. Together they attempt to stage all of the defining chapters in Australian history—from Gallipoli to the Sydney Olympics, and from Ned Kelly to Kylie Minogue.





Medea by Suzie Miller

GENRE: World Text
THEMES: Love, Passion and Revenge
LENGTH: 120 minutes
SYNOPSIS: When Medea fell for Jason, she fell hard. Hard enough to sacrifice everything to be with him. She deceived her father, committed murder, left the comforts of her homeland and bore him two sons. So when a power-hungry Jason takes up with a younger woman, Medea’s humiliation quickly turns to revenge and a horrible plan is hatched. Nothing is off limits. No one is safe. Not even the children.






The Trial by Franz Kafka Adapted by Jason Klarwein

GENRE: World Text
THEMES: The Unknown, Justice, Alienation & Control
LENGTH: 80 minutes
SYNOPSIS: On the morning of her 25th birthday, journalist Josephine K is arrested for a crime she can’t remember. The arrest sets off a labyrinthine quest to reveal the truth about herself and the society in which she lives. As her path to innocence weaves through the pillars of a civilised world, Josephine’s grip on what is real and what is hyper-real begins to blur.






Chinese Takeaway by Anna Yen

GENRE: Australian Text
THEMES: History, Family, Poverty, Chinese Culture, Traditionalism
LENGTH: 45 minutes
SYNOPSIS: Three generations of women; Grandmother, Mother and Anna, make a figurative ‘journey’ from the mores of Old China to those of contemporary Australia. A tragi-comic, one-woman show richly realised through voice and circus.






Beyond the Neck by Tom Holloway

GENRE: Australian Text
THEMES: Port Arthur Massacre, Australian History, Grief
LENGTH: 90 minutes
SYNOPSIS: Four complete strangers, bound by a shared moment. The Tasmanian Port Arthur Massacre. Ten years on and still the aftershock ripples. vBased on in-depth interviews, Beyond the Neck deals with the grief and recovery of the 1996 tragedy.

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